How Rats Damage Insulation

Once the cold season arrives, homeowners will do several preparations to help them cope up with the situation. While some of the Pennsylvania pests will not be active during this time that will make your house safe, there are still nuisance creatures that you need to be wary about such as rats. The rats will look for a warm and comfortable place during the winter and our attic will be an excellent place for them. Once they infested your attic, damages on our insulation is likely to occur.

Ways on How Allentwon Rats Damage Our Insulation
Since the Allentown rats will not hibernate during the winter months, they must look for a place with a stable temperature if they want to survive. The attics and the hollows of our walls would be a perfect den for them. Sadly, the insulation in these areas can be exposed to the dangers of this rodents. Here are some of the ways that they will make our insulation useless.

Tearing the Insulation Materials
When they invaded our attic, they will have to establish their nest. They can use a variety of materials when constructing their nest. However, most of them will preferred the softness of the insulation material. Once they have established their nest, the rodent can now multiply exponentially. It will not be too long until the rats have established their colony. Once these insulation has been displaced, you will notice how there is a huge difference in heating. Damage in insulation will prompt the heat to escape and increase our energy consumption.

Contaminating the Insulation
Aside from the damaged insulation, rats can also defecate and urinate on our insulation that will contaminate it. Any contaminated item should be removed and replaced immediately if you want to maintain the safety of your house. Droppings of the rats can carry different pathogens that can encourage the transmission of the zoonoses. If you don’t act immediately, the quality of air in your house will suffer. Your food can also be contaminated and the tick and fleas that they carry can transfer to your pets.

How to Deal with the Rats That Are Destroying Your Insulation
If you want to prevent the damages in your insulation, simple methods will prove to be efficient in hampering the infestation of the rats. Start by creating a place that is less comfortable for the rats. Visit your attic regularly since rats hate the human presence. Look at the holes that they are using and fix this. You should only seal the holes after the rats have already left your attic. Seal it with materials that are resistant against the chewing of the rats such as hardware cloth or steel plate. Removing their access can help you keep your insulation materials safe.

For a full-blown infestation that is beyond your capacity, you should think about hiring the rat removal specialist. They are the better choice since they will get rid of the cause of the problem. Pest extermination will basically focus on eradicating the anima while the animal removal companies will prefer to concentrate on their exclusion.

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